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Herbs For Natural Relief

Herbs that can be used.
Arnica flower oil * Bay Laurel * Birch bark & leaf * Boswellia (Frankincense) * Cajeput Oil * Castor Oil * Cayenne Pepper * Clove * Corydalis * Devil's Claw * Eucalyptus * Jamaican Dogwood * Olive Oil * Peppermint * Pine * Rosemary * Turmeric * White Willow Bark * Wintergreen Oil *

Herbal remedies for pain include herbal teas, tinctures, extracts and topical pain relievers like cayenne pepper oil & extracts, rosemary infused herbal oil, and Arnica tincture.
Salicin is a precursor chemical to salicylate, the compound found in aspirin that inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, lipid compounds that are linked to inflammation and pain. Long before Bayer synthesizes aspirin in the late 1890s, Hippocrates(400 BC) was prescribing treatments using the bark of the white willow tree to relieve pain and reduce fever.

Pain Remedies

1. Ginger And Rosemary Bath

The combination of rosemary and ginger makes a good bath for sore muscles, fibromyalgia, and arthritis pain. This bath is also depurative and detoxifying.

Ginger * Rosemary *
Variations: Add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary if you have it.

Recipe Instructions: Bath :Make a strong tea with grated fresh ginger, about 1 12 cups of water to a tablespoon of ginger. Strain and add to bath water, with 6 drops of rosemary essential oil. Alternatively you can use fresh rosemary sprigs to make a strong tea and add ginger essential oil. Experiment with using whichever combination of ginger and rosemary you have on hand and use what works best for you.
Vinegar added to bath water helps to reduce excess heat and inflammation. As a great side benefit, the vinegar and essential oils in this bath blend soften the skin.



2. White Willow Bark Tea

White willow can be used to help break a low grade fever, and to relieve the body aches that accompany colds. According to Dr. Duke, a daily cup or two of willow bark tea would probably provide the equivalent of the low aspirin dose recommended for heart attack prevention. One very good thing about willow bark tea is that it is easy on the stomach, unlike aspirin.

Ingredients: White Willow *
Additions: Lemon and Honey.
Recipe Instructions: Decoction : Use the chopped bark, not the powdered bark to make your tea. (The powder tends to leave a gritty residue in the tea.) Add ginger to enhance the flavor and help activate the willow bark.


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