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Hot Line: +256 772 016739

Who we are
Louis clinic is a profit making organization and was established with the main aim of inspiring and appreciating nature through the use of traditional herbs so as to solve healthy and community problems it started operation in 2013 February under department of Neo- Life Golden Network.
Our Vision: To be a champion of excellence in nutritional care and herbal treatment within East Africa
 Our Mission states: “We delivery high quality and highly ethical herbal treatment and Nutritional care.”  
What We Believe In:
Care               We treat each person as we would be treated: friendly, courteous and respect
                       We are kind and patient at all time
Integrity           We build trust by honouring commitment
                       We are honesty, fair, truthful in all interactions
Excellence       We delivery high quality and high impact services
Innovative           We focus on solution rather than problems
Team work         We work together to achieve what we do
Accountability     We accept our responsibility and embrace best practices in all aspects.

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